Propane Delivery FAQs

1. What is the difference between an EXCHANGE TANK and a SPARE TANK?
An EXCHANGE TANK is the term we use when you give us your empty tank in exchange for a full on. The price for an EXCHANGE TANK is much lower since we take your empty tank with us. A SPARE TANK is just that, a spare full tank that you purchase without exchanging an empty one for it. We have the lowest price for SPARE TANKS in the Phoenix metro area.

2. Do I have to be home to receive a delivery?
No, just give us instructions where to access your empty tank so our delivery driver can make an efficient exchange. We cannot provide a delivery time window so it is important that you are able to leave the tank in a secure and accessible area for our driver to do the exchange.(just like a UPS or FedEx package delivery).

3. How do I know if my tank is empty?
Each tank is marked with a TW, “tare weight” which is the weight of the tank. Most tanks have a TW of 18 which means any weight over 18 is the amount of gas left in the tank.

4. Will I be credited for any gas left in my tank?
We cannot make credits for tanks that are not empty. It is just not practical. Our recommendation is that you always have a spare tank available so you can run your tanks to empty. This way you are sure that you are getting your moneys worth.

5. Cancelled order or I forgot to leave my tank out. What do I need to do?
Cancelled orders may be made 24 hours before the scheduled delivery. If you forgot to leave your tank out we will have to reschedule a second visit. In both cases we charge a $7.50 fee to cover our costs. Contact us and we will reschedule you to the next available deliver date in your area.

6. What are your delivery days and times?
We deliver 7 days a week. Most deliveries are completed before 4pm on a scheduled day, but if we have not delivered to you by that time we are still on our way. We start our days early to get you your tanks as early as we can. To avoid having a missed delivery you must have your tanks out by 6 am on the day of the exchange. We do not deliver on major holidays.

7. Are SAME DAY and NEXT DAY DELIVERIES available in my area?
At this time SAME DAY deliveries are not available. If you require a next day service that is not on our scheduled day you will need to call the office and schedule before 5 pm. There is an additional fee of $7.50 to help us offset the costs of going out of our scheduled area.

8. Will you connect the tank for me?
At this time we do not offer this service. We can only leave the tanks in an accessible area were the empty tanks are left.

9. What if I have a damaged or expired tank?
Tanks have a life of 12 years and are date stamped. Next check for any obvious signs of damage. We cannot accept a tank for exchange if it has major dents, is missing the collar or foot ring or has major rust damage. Damaged or expired tanks must be properly disposed of and while we do not charge a fee for this service you will have to purchase a spare replacement tank in this situation.

10. The tank on my grill does not seem to be working, what should I do?

a. Chances are that the valve is stuck. Try turning the valve in both directions, occasionally the valve will be stuck in the open position. Because the gas can’t escape unless engages with the pin in the regulator you should still be able to use your tank. If the valve is still stuck a small bit of oil like WD40 may be applied to the stem which should help loosen it up. Do not use tools on the valve as too much torque may break the valve. If you are still having trouble call us and we will see what we can do to help you out.

b. The tank is full but no gas flows to the grill, what should I do?

If you are absolutely sure that your tank is full than chances are that the regulator has been tripped by a rush of gas. In this case
you will need to reset the regulator. Follow the following steps:

1. Close the tank valve.
2. Disconnect the tank from the grill.
3. Turn all the gas knobs on the grill to high for one minute and then turn them back to the off position
4. Reconnect the tank.
5. Open the valve on the tank.
6. Turn you starter know on the grill to high.
7. Ignite the grill.
8. Now get grilling!

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